Data Logger MX-7


MX-7 is Universal GPRS / Ethernet Data logger

MX7 viltrus modbus advanced gateway

The MX-7 data logger allows reading of Modbus and M-Bus devices, and send the data to remote users / server through Modbus GPRS modem or Ethernet. It also provides SMS sending services for alarm events.  Data logger can read Kamstrup, Sensus, DIEHL, Danfoss, Itron, Landis & Gyr and other meters (like exotic meters / industrial meters).  This universal Data logger MX-7 can be used not only for commercial metering, but also for industrial metering and for business center, shopping mals or public institution building management.

Device has  analog inputs (current, voltage, R or PT100 temperatures sensors), digital inputs (logging of alarms and events, limit switches, push buttons…) and digital outputs (for remote management). The stored data can be consulted remotely using standard open Modbus TCP/IP protocol, making greatly easy the integration of several signals and systems into your management software.


Technical Features

– Possibility to choose interfaces: M-Bus, RS232, RS485, Current Loop, USB, Data/Req, GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, Analog IN, Discrete IN/OUT
– Reading data from any kind of meters (water, electricity, heat, gas, cooling …) and controllers.
– Sending requests and commands to other controllers and devices. Controlling switches / valves / doors and security measurements.
– Supported protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, M-Bus, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, SNTP, IEC60870-5-104:200 and transparent.
– Independent data log with real time stamp (Real Time Clock).
– Remote communication and updates through GSM/GPRS or Ethernet
– Galvanically isolated interfaces and power supply
– Two universal (jumper switchable) interfaces
– SMS sending for alarm events.
– Additional special transparent protocol data transfer.
– Power supply for external powering of meters
– Memory expansion: up to 8 GB using micro SD card

Did you know?

 – MX-7 can read Kamstrup, Sensus, Diehl, Apator and other meters.

 – MX-7 can read and control other controllers, like Danfoss ECL 300.

Application possibilities

Data Logger MX-7 is dedicated for real time logging, analyzing of data and controlling of other devices. Using GPRS/GSM or Ethernet, logger sends data to remote users / server. MX-7 can also communicate with other controllers and sensors. Device has wide range of optional interfaces and protocols and can read any kind of meters, controllers and sensors equipped with standard protocols. Perfect for telemetry/monitoring, control and smart metering. MX-7 also widely used fir metering and control of business centers, shopping malls , public institution buildings etc.

viltrus water metering

Water metering

viltrus sensor monitoring

Sensor monitoring

viltrus electricity monitoring

Electricity metering

viltrus solar monitoring

Renewable energy monitoring

viltrus gas metering

Gas metering

viltrus industrial monitoring

Industrial metering and controll

heating substation viltrus

Heat substation metering

Agro monitoring

Agro monitoring

smart home

Smart house

commercial metering

Commercial metering

Device adjustment to client’s needs

If client needs custom made application or special functions, our R&D department ready to help. We can adjust our devices, include special protocols or interfaces to meet client application’s needs. Also we are ready to adjust our device for working with various meters, flow meters (even exotic ones). If you are not sure if our device can satisfy your needs, feel free to contact us anytime.

MX-7 can read: Kamstrup, Sensus, Danfoss, L G, Itron, Diehl, Apataor and other manufacturer’s meters. Also MX-7 can read and controll other controllers, like Danfoss ECL 300.

Application examples

Below indicated few samples how MX-7 collects the data from meters / sensors and controllers and sends the data to local or remote users using Modbus protocol via GPRS / GSM or Ethernet. There is so many ways to use our MX-7. Starting from smart metering, business center / public building control, heating substation metering, data acquisition from temperature, pressure sensors, data acquisition from weather stations and sensors, agro monitoring, chemical monitoring and telemetry, to smart house telemetry, and scientific device monitoring and telemetry.

DescriptionData Logger MX-7 technical specifications
Flasharchive storage up to 8 MB, independent data storage without power about 5 years
SD card supportmicro SD card up to 8 GB
RS232 (8 ports)distance up to 15 m, speed up to 19,2 Kbit/s
RS485 (7 ports)distance up to 1,2 km, max 32 transivers, speed up to 19,2 Kbits/s
M-Bus (2 ports)up to 16 M-Bus devices (up to 8 M-Bus devices for each M-bus port)
Data/Req (2 ports)(KAMSTRUP) data transfer interface
Current Loop (1 port)25-27V, 14-20mA, up to 6km, speed up to 19,2Kbit/s
GSM/GPRS4 band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Ethernet10/100 Mbps, RJ45, distance up to 100 m
USBtype B, ver. 2,0
Discrete IN8 sink contact
Discrete OUT8 open collector, >50VDC and >500mA
Analog IN8 current 0/4-20mA or 0-5mA, error 0,15%
ProtocolsModbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, IP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, DHCP, PPP, ARP, SNTP, IEC60870-5-104:2000, DynDNS, FTP server, FTP client, DNS client
Power supply9-36 VDC
Over-voltage protection>1000V
Capacity300mA max
Power for external devices3,7/5/6/8/10 VDC (20mA)
Dimensions277x128x50 mm
Weight600 g
Mounting typeon DIN rail
Protection typeIP20
Operating temperature-25 to 60oC
Real time clockYes
M-Bus auto setupYes
Warranty period2 years